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3ds max architecture course is a master designing 3D graphics, modeling, and creating animations of the product (mechanical or civil or any other domain), and rendering using 3ds max, a design software from Auto CAD.

You will learn the basics of 3D modeling and texturing as well as 3D rendering. The course is highly accommodative as it begins with creating two-dimensional shapes, before covering 3D shapes and animation. 


The course Max for Engineers/Architects will help students and professionals to learn and master 3ds MAX software tool. The candidates will also learn the basics of 3D modeling and texturing along with 3D rendering. The powerful course will increase the productivity and performance of the individual. Overall, the course will help the students master the software and enhance their productivity.


Softpro offers professional 3D Max course in Mumbai. 3D Max helps you give a realistic look to your interiors & Architectural Design, architectural drawings, line drawings & layouts of all kinds. Diploma in 3D Max Course is a short-term certified diploma. Learn how 3D Max is used by Interior Designers & Architectural professionals.

  • Interior Design & facility planning, Line drawings.
  • 2D drawings & presenting them in dynamic views.
  • 3D interior Design Visualization.
  • 3D Max is used by Interior Designers & Architectural professionals.
  • Natural look to your interiors & Architectural Designs


  • Using the animate button
  • Working with keys, Controlling time
  • Using the Motion Panel, Animating Objects
  • Working with the Track View
  • Working with Curves & Tangents
  • Filtering Tracks, Working with Controllers
  • Synchronizing to a Sound Track
  • Setting Rendering Parameters ..etc

1. Honest Counselling: Choose the Right Course @ Right Price.
2. Small Batches 7-10 Students Lead to Personal Attention.
3. 100% Practicals with Projects.
4. Original, Legal & Official Software from Autodesk, Adobe.
5. Industry Endorsed Curriculum.
6. Highly Trained, Experienced & Certified Faculty.
7. High Emphasis on Projects & Assignments.
8. Friendly, Supportive, Patient & Qualified Faculty.
9. Easy Installment Facility.

Jitendra Sahu

Shri.Jitendra Sahu is an MIS trainer from INFONET COMPUTER EDUCATION.He is having more than 15 years of experience in different projects in TALLY ERP 9 , Excel, and Macros. He is also taking care of freelancing as well and brings that practical touch into teaching.in the institute, he has trained more than 10000 students from various backgrounds and has conducted many corporate training and seminar.