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Looking for an MS-CIT course in Mumbai? Then visit Infonet computer education. it’s recognized because the Best Institute for MS-CIT course in Jogeshwari, Mumbai enter currently and Learns 300+ MS-CIT courses of the syllabus at affordable fees with Government Certification.

 MS-CIT Course refers to an IT literacy course initiated by knowledge data Corporation Ltd (MKCL) in 2001. within the twenty-first century, most of the info is made digitally, accumulated, presented, accessed, archived, and even managed digitally.


  • MSCIT is AN information Technology-based famous course of MKCL. MKCL Stands for Maharashtra knowledge Corporation limited.
  • MSCIT Course is meant particularly for Maharashtra state solely however the key content of this course is therefore sensible for each student therefore it’s currently accessible within the totally different states additionally.
  • MSCIT Full Form: Maharashtra STATE CERTIFICATE IN information TECHNOLOGY (MSCIT)
  • e-learning based mostly self-learning session through ( MKCL) e-learning resolution for all (ERA). active trial learning facilitation by certified professionals.



  • MS-CIT helps it to flow into it through IT skill, Alertness, practicality, and pertinence among individuals.

  •  The candidates qualifying MS-CIT Course can strengthen confidence levels that change them to induce placed effectively within the twenty-first century.

  • MS-CIT Course get full information regarding the computer like what’s a computer?, a way to use a computer? and basic information you get also.

  •  MS-CIT  Course period is three months

  • As you recognize increasing the population and increasing use of computer everything is going onlinevisible of all this usage, this course should be taken


  • Microsoft Windows 7 operating system
  • Use of the Internet for Daily Chores
  • MS-Word 2013
  • Introduction to Basic Hardware and Networking Concepts
  • Ms. Excel 2013
  • MS PowerPoint 2013
  • MS Outlook
  • Using Applications like Notepad, WordPad, Sticky Notes, Windows Games
  • ERA Theory

Master the MS-CIT with 100% Practical, Industry Expert Trainer and Advanced MS-CIT course Syllabus.